ILC Reservation

The Information Literacy Center is excited about this technological opportunity. All teachers are invited to collaborate with our department to develop lessons that promote the use of the newest devices in instruction. We have the best resources available in both traditional and digital formats, and therefore now is the time to implement them in our classes through project-based learning and other avenues of thought. If you are interested in utilizing this resource please follow the instructions listed.
STEP 1:  Before you reserve facility (ILC), please check the ILC Calendar for availability.  
ILC Calendar is updated daily.   
STEP 2: 
1.  Click on ILC Collaborative Planning Guide and Reservation Form below. 
2.  Download and save the form to the desktop. 
3.  Complete the form from the desktop and save it again.
4.  This form will need to be attached to the Reserve Facility in Step 3.                      
STEP 3:  Click on the following link and Reserve Facility (top right corner)
1.   Complete the form, attach the ILC Collaborative Planning Guide and Reservation Form, check that you are not a robot, and submit. 
2.   You will receive an email that will ask you to "Confirm Request."  You must click on "Confirm Request."
3.   Once I receive your request, I will approve it and you will be sent an email.
4.  Your event will then be put on the calendar (online and ILC desk calendar).
We look forward to meeting your instructional needs.